Sport in the foreground


4- DIFFERENT SKIING AREAS TO DISCOVER WITH A SINGLE SKI PASS! 4- ski areas, 1 ski pass Ski High-altitude views, breathtaking slopes, sun-drenched highlands, or wild snow-covered pinewoods. Discover the features of our 4 skiing areas and choose the one that best suits you!

Ice skating

The ice skating rinks of the Pontedilegno-Tonale district are waiting for you! Where you can have fun ice skating in the middle of the Alps winter atmosphere

Golf and Rock-climbing

In the Pontedilegno-Tonale district, you can practice climbing in every season or play golf in the middle of the mountains.

Bike lovers

Pontedilegno-Tonale is the bike lovers heaven: paths amidst the alpine nature, routes whose names have joined the cycling legends/Hall of Fame, breathtaking descents from the mountains flanks and cycling trails to enjoy a territory rich in traditions.

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